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Rumors abound that Apple is preparing to launch a new bigger iPad. Many industry insiders consider the name of the new entry are the iPad Pro. Given that the technology giant has announced the launch of a new 15 inches MacBook Pro. Some guesstimate Apple may create the iPad statement Once this June in its World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. Others think the launch will come this autumn, in line with preceding iPad debuts, which have happened in an October Nov time frame annually since 2012. Since the bigger variant of the MacBook Pro was merely introduced it appears a fall announcement will be more likely. How will the Pro be different? Insiders believe it'll feature a large 12.9 inches touchscreen. This is considerably larger compared to 9.7 inches Air2 and the 7.9 inches Mini 3, as well as many notebook models. IPad Pro may include numerous Apple's latest features. These include Force Touch, a brand new trackpad that's pressure sensitive. The attribute basically enables a touchscreen to have a Secondary tap, similar to the ideal mouse button on a desktop computer device. This is done by softly tapping the display instead of pressing it.Force Touch is contained on the updated 13 inches and 15 inches MacBook Pro with retina screen and its forthcoming 12 inches MacBook. Can a stylus likewise be in Apple's future? Some believe the Pro will include a Bluetooth iPen stylus with stress sensitivity. Former Chief executive officer Jobs wasn't A fan of the attachment and execs in this Cupertino, CA headquarters have shied away from it. There's no disputing the recognition of the pen with lots of who use this Microsoft Surface Guru 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The recognition of Apple Pay, along with its growing acceptance by retailers, should motivate Apple to assimilate on-line Tap to Pay performance with the newer device. This is made possible through Nearfield Communication Capabilities. NFC support is found in this iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus in addition to the Apple Watch. Apple Pay leverages this tech turning the device to an electronic cash register. NFC wasn't contained in this iPad Air 2 along with iPad Mini 3. Additional plug-in ability may additionally be a nice attribute on a bigger device, adding flexibility with more accessories. Since the USB-C port was present on the New MacBook launched this spring many think the bigger tablet should include it as well. It might replace or be in addition to this Apple Lightning Port. The ending result will be easier access with external dock and external monitors.