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Comments refine a circuit by adjusting many defects and errors in the initial design. We advise you to go through all the comments prior to practically analyzing any of those circuits which will save a lot of troubleshooting time. Each of these circuits fall to the fundamental or hobby or small class and that's why we utilized simple electronics projects as the title. And all these circuits are free from any patents and any other legal stuffs, you can examine them in your own free will and imagination. Goal: To measure the degree of any non corrosive liquid that is conductive. We selected this circuit first because of its nature. This water level indicator circuit is simple to implement and is made up of least components. You merely want 5 transistors, 5 resistors and 5 LEDs you can execute this circuit, making it an ideal easy electronics project for novices and students. This is another circuit that might be used for a project development. There are 3 versions available. One is developed by Circuits Today team along with other by Seetharaman Subrahmanian .Links are given to other comparable circuit applications like Light-emitting diode ramp circuit, street light circuit, flashing led circuit etc. Objective: Detect Infrared rays. This circuit concept could be altered to design simple projects like Intruder alarms, automatic theft systems etc. A circuit application that everybody must try out. This circuit is going to teach you how to manage infrared detection, use of 555 IC as a monostable multivibrator within an application, use of ICs such as LM 1458 etc. Goal: Learn the application of segment display. A simple circuit that uses CD 4033 and two ICs NE 555 for purpose that is counting. Aside of two ICs and a 7 segment display, the circuit uses a minimum set of components, 4 resistors, 1 capacitor and a diode. Objective: Detect fire in a given area and warns using an alarm system. Though easy in nature this circuit will assist you can understand how real world electronics systems are built. This circuit is a basic one that senses smoke to detect fire and therefore produce an alarm to warn individuals around.