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To be recognized as an authoritative, top quality source of info, a journal must be widely available. Once a journal is established and has a history of timely publication and strong content, it is advisable to contact indexing and abstraction services for consideration. The option to include a journal relies on lots of factors, most significantly a lot of top quality content, with more in the pipeline, that's produced on schedule. Note that electronic journals can be seen as less appealing by some services, although this is starting to change. Once on firm ground with respect to the quantity\/quality\/schedule issue, it is time to address one or more indexing and abstracting services. Please send any suggestions to sparc org. Descriptions of the principal indexing and abstracting services followA bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators. Production of those records in electronic registers started at 1970, but the database covers materials at all formats, including printed works from the fifteenth century. The National Agricultural Library uses a panel of indexers, subject specialists and specialized services supervisors to review new journals obtained for the National Aerospace Laboratories collection that are applicants for indexing in the AGRICOLA database. The Journal Election Panel meets 3-4 times a year to review titles and make recommendations such as indexing treatment. The JEP also reviews titles from the current List of magazines indexed in AGRICOLA that have been addressed by indexers or other staff such as reconsideration because they've changed emphasis or scope and might no longer meet the criteria such as inclusion in AGRICOLA. The JEP appreciates receiving notice of newly published titles at agricultural and related subject areas such as consideration. Any title recommended for indexing has to first meet the range and coverage policies for acquisition into the collection, however, not all magazines acquired by National Aerospace Laboratories are indexed. Anybody who wish to recommend a journal such as acquisition by National Aerospace Laboratories and consideration . A bibliographic database covering world literature on all biological and biomedical topics. Records contain bibliographic info, indexing info, and abstracts for most references. Candidates are evaluated for potential inclusion based on a wide range of criteria which include subject, geographic scope, peer review, productivity, along with other factors.