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H/W S/W Co-exploration Methodology

HW/SW is interesting and practical as tool for system verification. It allows covering large number of verification in acceptable time. Embedded systems is dedicated to specific tasks, design engineers can optimize it to reduce the size and cost of hardware of product and also ensures that reliability and performance of the system will not be affected. The combination of hardware and software system ranges from portable devices to large complex systems with a single microcontroller chip.

Programming Models for Parallel Signal Processing

Programming models for parallel signal processing is very efficient to perform a difficult task by using core/multi core processor architectures. The execution of parallel programming models is demanding on the two terms processor power and data transfers. In order to find an efficient solution for a task assign a program to individual core for fast processing and parallel processing takes place to get work done in very short duration of time.

Rapid Prototyping Techniques

Rapid prototyping techniques are used to solve the issue of high verification time. In this system level integration of the design was included in an early stage of design. FPGA are the main building blocks systems and need of a dedicated PCB development to integrate all the needed interfaces with the used FPGA. To overcome the problem of system variability in respect to that interfaces that can be used FPGA modular system architecture.

Real Time Operating Systems

Real time operating systems (RTOS) is a computing environment that behaves to input within a specific time period. A real time computing also describe slow real time must respond and handle a large throughput of data. A RTOS may be wither event driven or time sharing. An RTOS is a system that changes state only in response to an incoming event. The state changes as a function of time is a time sharing RTOS system.

System ON-Chip , Network ON-Chip

System on chip (SON) that integrates all the components of embedded systems. All components are fabricated on a single substrate or microchip and size of an substrate in micro or nano metres. It may contain all types of components depending on the application such as digital, analog and radio frequency signals. As they are integrating on single chip it consumes much less power and takes up less area than the multichip designs with equivalent functionality.