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Cognitive Radio Systems

Cognitive Radio (CR) is a research area for communication. In order to use the optimum spectrum utilization, with the use of cognitive radio it is possible for unlicensed users to access the spectrum unoccupied licensed users. Cognitive radio shares the new approach for the existence of multiple wireless systems.

Cooperative and Secure Wireless Communication

Cooperative secure communication communicates between the transmitter and receiver and also indicate that a deterministic spatial distribution for the transmitters. Cooperative transmitting provides a dramatically larger secrecy region than cooperative jamming and relaying.

Broadband Wireless Communication

Broadband Wireless communication gives complete freedom of constant access to the internet at high speeds. It mainly focuses on the costs of network design and operation and maintenance of the resources in terms of quality of service. It also covers the cellular design topologies and adhoc networks.

Communication Integrated Circuit (IC)

Communication IC gives a revolutionary change in the wireless communication by enabling low cost and portable terminals. With the development of IC technology for the wireless communications increases its area for communication.

Coding Theory and Systems Optimization

Coding theory and system optimization in wireless communications provides opportunities for new and existing services continuously. Supporting multimedia is a challenging problem with quality of service due to factors that affects and constraints. In wireless networks may be allowed to share the same spectrum which leads to the give the minimal interference between networks.