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Energy Harvesting in WSNs

Energy harvesting in the wireless sensor network have attracted lot of attention due to vast in nature and their deployment in IOT and other areas

Security in WSNs

Security in wireless sensor networks consists of hundreds of devices each with processing and communication capabilities to monitor the real world environment. Traditional security mechanisms with overload are not feasible and also constrain the sensor nodes.

Sensor Selection

Sensor selection is based on the techniques that extract the attributes (sensors) by evaluating the worth of a subset of attributes by considering the ability of feature / sensor with the degree of redundancy between them. Sensor selection evolves as the training data used for predicting the output of sensor and ensures the accuracy and error is maintained properly.

Distributed Estimated and Selection

Distributed estimation and selection is based on numbers of deployed detection and estimations of sensor in wireless sensor networks. The estimators are analyzing under time varying inputs. Adaptive sensor selection algorithm is presented in which the number of active sensors is working for a particular node.

Ranging , Location and Detection

Range location and detection is a major problem in WSN. The working principle for range detection is inherited from RADAR systems. Careful and simple design should be prepared to be made balance the expected accuracy and the device complexity, using the limited resources of a WSN.

Cluster Head Optimization

Cluster Head Optimization approaches the network with the load balanced network. Cluster head selection process is important for clustering algorithms to achieve load balancing among the holes. Selection for centralized clustering algorithms to have better load balanced network.

WSN Localization in 2D , 3D

WSN Localization in 2D is mostly used in wireless Sensor networks to identify the exact location of the sensor nodes. A WSN consists of nodes that make the installation of GPS on each sensor node in an outdoor environment but not so accurate results in an indoor environment. To configure location reference manually on each sensor nodes must identify its current location without using any special hardware like GPS. Most of the techniques are carried out with the help of anchor node or beacon node which knows present location and based on that information anchor node and other node localize themselves.