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MATLAB is a programming tool developed by mathsworks. It stands for matrix laboratory. It is combination of MAT i.e matrix and LAB i.e laboratory. MATLAB performs various calculations in the form of matrix. 2D and 3D are also implemented in the MATLAB and we can create graphs using plot commands in MATLAB and is also capable for creating a user interfaces and known as GUI(Graphical User Interface) and interfacing with programs written in other languages such as C,C++,Java, Fortan, LABview, Python and many more. MATLAB users come from multidisciplinary fields such food engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, computer and electrical engineering, mathematics and many more. Students from various colleges and universities use MATLAB to analyze and design the projects, prototypes and systems. MATLAB has built in keywords for performing many functions such as for plot, mesh and etc. The primarily objective is to teach MATLAB quickly the basic steps. The best way to try to solve any basic function by trying it yourself. It has inbuilt editing and debugging tools and very easy approach for simulating a specific algorithms. These factors make MATLAB an excellent tool for students, teachers and research. MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic element is matrix and now considered as most popular tool among the students of various colleges and universities worldwide. It has easy to use graphic commands that make the results immediately available. There are many dedicated toolboxes for signal processing, control theory, image processing, classification, optimization techniques and many more for the other fields of science and engineering. MATLAB basics are a just brief about how MATLAB works in front end and back end. Students can get the complete knowledge while performing hands-on-session in MATLAB. It has more than 100 toolboxes in MATLAB to perform various algorithms in a single platform.