Dear Students, Kindly note, we do not have any external representatives, branches or agents for BillTech Labs, Mohali. We neither have the official associative partnership with any college, university in India and abroad areas. We donot issue any kind of certificate for M.Tech and Ph.D thesis guidance. Billtech Labs, Mohali is a technical research and development laboratory support run by innovative, creative, passionate and dedicated research and development team. All works are carried out in our lab premises located in mohali. We do not outsource your works. If you find any deviations or misuse of our brand (BillTech Labs). Kindly intimate us at Thank you.

MATLAB is a high level computing environment for students, Teachers and Researchers. We can access the MATLAB software in different platform such as software purchased and installed on Desktop PC and Laptop. MATLAB Mobile App is also available to access MATLAB through MATLAB drive and Computer via Cloud Platform. Android and ios users get an app from their respective Google Play store and App Store. Many students can opt to work their master’s and doctorate level in MATLAB platform to do the coding part of their respective fields. The MATLAB has huge collection of application Products are Signal Processing Toolbox, Phased Array System Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, Audio Toolbox, and Wavelet Toolbox. Image Processing and Computer Vision Toolbox consists of Image Processing Toolbox and Computer Vision Toolbox. Control System are having the Control System Toolbox, System Identification Toolbox, Predictive maintenance Toolbox, Robust Control Toolbox, Model Predictive Control Toolbox, Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, Simulink Control Design, Simulink Design Optimization and Reinforcement Learning Toolbox. Test and Measurement Consists of Data Acquisition Toolbox, Instrument Control Toolbox, Image acquisition Toolbox, OPC Toolbox, Vehicle Network Toolbox and Thing Speak. RF and Mixed Signal Toolbox consist of Antenna Toolbox, RF Toolbox, RF Blockset, Mixed Signal Blockset and SerDes Toolbox.Wireless Communications consist of Communications Toolbox, WLAN Toolbox, LTE Toolbox and 5G Toolbox. Autonomus Systems are having Automated Driving Toolbox, Robotics System Toolbox and Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox. For VLSI Studetns we are having some tools in FPGA and ASIC Design are HDL Coder, HDL Verifier, LTE HDL Toolbox, Vision HDL Toolbox, Filter Design HDL Coder, Fixed-Point Designer and Soc Block set. Automotive contains Model-Based Calibration Toolbox, Powertrain Blockset, and Vehicle Dynamics Blockset, Automated Drivinf Toolbox, IEC certification Kit, Vehicle Network Toolbox and AUTOSAR Blockset. Aerospace Blockset, Aerospace Toolbox and DQ Qualification Kit. Computational Finance consists of Econometrics Toolbox, Financial Toolbox, Datafeed Toolbox, Database Toolbox, Spreadsheet Link, and Financial Instruments Toolbox, Trading Toolbos and Risk Management Toolbox. Computational Biology consists of Bioinformatics Toolbox and Simbiology. Systems Engineering Toolbox Consist of Stateflow, Simulink Requirements and System Composer.