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MATLAB (mat+lab) represents matrix laboratory is a high level programming language or platform. It gives the interactive environment for numerical calculations and programming. It needs some expert training to learn MATLAB. Various tutorials of MATLAB are available online as well as offline. We can analyze data; develop small and large algorithms as m files. We can also create Simulink models with a help of buildings blocks. It has many inbuilt commands and math functions that help you in mathematical calculations and performing numerical methods. MATLAB tutorial boosts the confidence level to come up with positive energy to do something innovative, productive using MATLAB functions and commands available in various toolboxes. Mathematical calculations are commonly used are dealing with matrices and arrays, linear algebra, algebraic equations, non linear functions, statistics, data analysis, calculus and differential equations and many more. The main features of MATLAB it provides vast and huge library of functions for linear algebra, fourier analysis, filtering, optimization, solving ordinary differential equations. It also provides graphics tools used for creating custom plots. MATLAB provides tools for building executable files with custom GUI. The main most important feature of MATLAB is integrating of two different environments in a single platform. It can be done with applications as well as languages such as C, Java, DotNEt and Microsoft Excel. MATLAB is an computational tool in science and engineering multidisciplinary fields includes physics, chemistry, math, computer science, electrical, electronics and communication, mechanical and many more. MATLAB used in a range of applications including signal processing, broadband communication , cognitive radio systems, ultra wide band system, machine learning, deep learning, image and video processing, control systems, computational finance, computational biology. Bill Gates gave the talk using MATLAB to demonstrate Microsoft’s Entry into high performance computing. Parfor is command for parallel loop command. It also shared memory parallelism in attached graphic processing unit (GPUs).