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Automobile accidents and gun related fatalities cause much more media attention, but the reality is that many preventable deaths in the USA today are caused by heart problems - and cardiology PACS are likely the most crucial tools with regards to early detection. The need for cutting edge CR options becomes obvious in light of an aging population and increased obesity among Americans because of stress and excessive consumption of cheap, low quality unhealthy foods containing corn syrup. Cardiology PACS mean faster and much more efficient diagnosis and prevention. Imaging in medical science is now undergoing the most important improvements since the creation of the x ray over 100 years ago. Though significant advancements such as the EKG and calculated tomology augmented physician's abilities to see in the body, before the creation of the contemporary CR system, viewing such pictures required the same troublesome, pricey process utilized in creating conventional photographic pictures. Not only that, but until recently all the nearest thing available to real CR applications consisted of scanning the picture and saving it as a picture file such as .jpg or .gif - that always involved a lack of picture resolution and quality. Now's CR system is based on and completely integrated with the contemporary Personal Computer, sparking today's CR applications requires little more effort than just learning to use every other type of office application. Cardiology PACS allow any authorized party to view medical pictures made with virtually any sort of modality on a standard computer monitor. These pictures can be seen and even delivered to remote locations over all the World Wide Web, meaning that consultation and on-line collaboration in actual time is now possible. Additionally, CR software provides many storage options that have eliminated the demand for old fashioned folders and file cabinets. Patient records, including pictures, can now be stored digitally utilizing a CR system in whatever way that works well for the individual or the facility. The first digital PACS were prohibitively expensive, but now any healthcare facility may get a reliable Cardico PAC for as little as $5000. The simplicity and cost effective of today's CR systems implies that no healthcare Facility is able to be without a cardiology PACS.