Dear Students, Kindly note, we do not have any external representatives, branches or agents for BillTech Labs, Mohali. We neither have the official associative partnership with any college, university in India and abroad areas. We donot issue any kind of certificate for M.Tech and Ph.D thesis guidance. Billtech Labs, Mohali is a technical research and development laboratory support run by innovative, creative, passionate and dedicated research and development team. All works are carried out in our lab premises located in mohali. We do not outsource your works. If you find any deviations or misuse of our brand (BillTech Labs). Kindly intimate us at Thank you.

The impact of technology on our lives changes in a significant manner. This era is also known as era of Science and Technology. From small to big everything is digitized. This technology plays a great role in our lives and many would disagree or agree with the fact technology has some merits and demerits. Technology gives a new direction to do business and education. Technology works on digital to incentivize the ease of living. The technology is an effective method to make transactions and converges towards a cashless economy. For impart new skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Robotics. Technology is also help to make youth prepared for jobs for future and further help the innovation in science and technology. The main core advantages of technology in medical field that can help treat serious patients and save many lives from harmful viruses and bacteria. The invention of the computer was a very significant as it enhances communication network and implementing strategic technology and save time and money. It also enhances capability to do business to buy raw. Technology has also increased the productivity of almost every industry in the world. Technology improves daily lives, allowing moving physical portable storage units to virtual concept. Emerging technologies whose development, practical applications or both are still largely unrealized. New technologies involve multidisciplinary fields such as educational, informational, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. The technologies are technical innovations done by researchers which represent progressive developments within a field with the advent of technology machine carry out most of the agricultural and industrial work and as a result workers gives effective output in extreme tedious condition. They have more time to work and implement in safer environments. As innovation drives economic growth and will come from new inventions made by researchers with great efforts. The most awaited new upcoming technologies which are real-life products that is set to revolutionize the world.