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MATLAB is a computational tool developed by Cleve Moler. First version of MATLAB was not a programming tool. It was just a simple interactive matrix calculator. No programs, No toolboxes, No graphics and No Ordinary Differential equations or Fast Fourier Transform toolboxes. it takes long time or journey to become an powerful, interactive and high speed programming tool from its beginning era to till date. The mathematical research papers by J.H. Wilkinson and 18 of his colleague’s published between 1960 and 1970 and later collected in Handbook for Automatic Computation. The first desktop version of MATLAB was simple terminal applications. Over a long time period mathsworks added separate windows for special works such as graphics, editing and other tools. These gradually made MATLAB easier to use, especially for users without programming experience. Two specific features that had biggest impact are desktop and live editor. MATLAB desktop version was introduced in year 2000. Four panels are visible in desktop window. The current folder viewer, the workspace viewer, the editor/debugger and the command window. A file viewer and a command history window can include in personalized layout of the MATLAB. Any panel can be closed or undocked into a standalone window. Parallel Computing Toolbox was introduced at the supercomputing conference in 2004. Bill Gates gave the talk using MATLAB to demonstrate Microsoft’s Entry into high performance computing. The Toolbox supports distributed memory parallelism by running many MATLAB workers on several machines in a cluster or many cores in a single machine. Parfor is command for parallel loop command. It also shared memory parallelism in attached graphic processing unit (GPUs). MATLAB used in a range of applications including signal processing, broadband communication , cognitive radio systems, ultra wide band system, machine learning, deep learning, image and video processing, control systems, computational finance, computational biology.

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