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Wireless communication is among the quickest growing technologies. The demand for connecting devices without using cables is increasing everywhere. Wireless LANs are available on college campuses, in office buildings, and in several places. Wifi has brought a brand new dimension in the arena of wireless networking. The transmission of information is done throughout the radio waves from the space that was free. It cuts the cost of laying the cables for network connections down. The systems that are wifi enabled are mobile and may be used anyplace in the range of the network. Router is the information to its destination and route a device, which receives the information. Wireless routers refer to the devices by analyzing its SSID, in the network, which receives the signal and rout the signal. Routers are usually used to interconnect two networks. Some systems that don't have in constructed devices they need a port card that connects the system and the device. These cards could be connected into the mother board's PCI slot. Additionally so as to receive the signal our machine should be equipped with a receiver. These days receivers that may be connected through Universal Serial Bus are also available. Nowadays connections are found in office buildings, on college campuses, in most places. Individuals have started to enjoy the features network supplies to the user. Due to its need the network's scope is on the rise. Here we highlight the major advantages of installing a wifi network. It cut down the cost of laying the cable for network connection down. Second of all without cables attached it is possible that this sender node could be mobile. Thirdly the equipment needed to fully establishing the wifi network anyplace is relatively cheap. So the cost incurred to establish the wireless wifi link is cheaper and also very easy to install. Wifi established in small place don't even need the wireless routers. Finally it's also possible for the consumer to have a better speed of connection to the internet by using wifi network. Since this bandwidth provided by wireless cutwork is large link speed between two nodes is faster. It's also faster to transmit information between two apparatus connected through wifi. You may also find more information on Get Wi-Fi Antenna and Universal Serial Bus Wi-Fi. is a complete resource into know about Wi-Fi Wireless Network Technology.